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RE:DANCE Special mit Malika

Malika RE-DANCE.jpg

Special-Klasse mit Malika (auf ENG)

am DO 15.6. von 10:00 - 11:30 Uhr

Yoga in Motion is a practice off the mat that interweaves elements of contemporary dance, martial arts and vinyasa into a dynamic flow using the rotations, turns and spirals inherent in our natural anatomical structure.

By leaving the comfort zone of our mat we aim to increase and expand our movement vocabulary and step beyond perceived limits. We navigate through repeated elements and gradually build up a choreographed sequence combining floorwork and vertical alignment into a continuous, graceful flow accompanied by music.

If you love movement and want to approach your practice from a new perspective, this class is for you!

Participants should be familiar with fundamental asanas of Hatha Yoga and be aware of their physical boundaries. No dance background required.