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Introduction to Pranayama

Introduction to Pranayama


am FR 2.6. | 9.6. | 23.6. | 30.6. jeweils von 8:00 - 10:00 Uhr

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In this 4 part course you will be introduced to the practice of Pranayama. Pranayama (along with asana and meditation) is one of the core practices of yoga. ‘Prana' is a sanskrit word, which translates as ‘vital energy’,’breath’, ‘life force’.
‘Ayama’ means‘to prolong’, ‘expand’, ‘control’, ‘restrain’. Pranayama thus is the practice of modulating the breath in order to expand and control one's vital energy.

In this 4 part series you will learn postural set-up for supine pranayama & basic pranayama techniques. While students new to pranayama will gain a thorough introduction, students with an existing pranayama practice, will be able to refine their technique & deepen experience of basic pranayama.

Benefits of Pranayama
The benefits of pranayama are almost to many to list. here some of the main effects:
When pranayama is practiced well it can bring

  • calmness of mind & emotions
  • clear perception
  • increased vitality
  • increased digestion
  • improved circulation 
  • present moment awareness
  • purification of the organs, senses, mind, intellect

When is it appropriate to begin pranayama practice?

  • As with Asana, there is many approaches to Pranayama.
  • Some schools, introduce complex pranayama from the very beginning. In the traditions, I have trained in, pranayama is only introduced once a student has gained a certain level of mastery in the asana practice. One reason for this is that pranayama practice, even though the physical and mental effects can be very subtle, is very powerful. Without proper preparation of the body and the nervous system through dedicated asana practice, one can easily space out or get anxious during pranayama. I advise to have at least one year of consistent yoga practice, before beginning.

Pre-requisites: A minimum of 1 year dedicated yoga practice under an experienced teacher or Maria’s permission.

Ujayi 1
Ujayi 2
Ujayi 3
Ujayi 4
Viloma 1

Each session will feature in-depth step-by-step instruction, demonstration, trouble shooting as well as practice. Students are expected to practice at home between each of the sessions to establish a regular pranayama practice.

Please come with an empty stomach. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the class to allow yourself to settle in.

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