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SPACE Week Intensive (Systematic Practice for Activating Chakra Energy)

Chakra Week

SPACE Week Intensive (Systematic Practice for Activating Chakra Energy)

mit Viktoria (ENG)

13. - 19. November
7 Chakras | 7 Tage je 90 Minuten von 9:00 - 8:30 Uhr

Kosten: € 120

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Kundalini is an unlimited source of vital energy present in every individual. Chakras are the centers of physical, emotional and spiritual energy in a human body. Activating this source of energy opens enormous self-development potential and spiritual experiences.


  • removes energy blocks and improves physical and emotional health
  • liberates from insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, communication difficulties
  • helps in dealing with stressful situations, guilt and hurt
  • increases the ability to share, love and enjoy

    The workshop helps to activate Kundalini, clear Nadis (Pranic passages) and balance Chakras by using:
  • specially designed and proven sequence of Asanas (Physical postures)
  • powerful Pranayamas (Breathing exercises)
  • methods for activating and healing Prana (vital energy)
  • various meditation techniques based on authentic scriptures and tantras

Remove the obstacles and manifest the infinite energy, which is already present in You!

Inspired and developed with Rishi Sudhir, India (January 2016)

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