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Back Pain Workshop

back pain

Back Pain Workshop
with Leslie DeGrande
on Saturday November 10, from 1-3.30pm

Costs: 35 Euro

Have you Googled “yoga for back pain” and tried out the various poses with little to no change in how you feel? Has yoga made your back pain worse? Do you want to use yoga to resolve back pain? In this workshop, we will work to reduce back pain by looking at movement and asana from a slightly different perspective: how to move well, not how to simply create a shape.

We’ll start by breaking movements down into smaller pieces, or components. Immediately you will begin discover new things about your body and how it moves. You may even start to see some movement patterns or tendencies that contribute to your back pain. Next, we’ll take it a step further into more traditional yoga postures and look at some poses that have greater potential for causing back pain. You will learn how to do the poses by looking at the components and learning how to move into the postures intelligently and without pain.

Leslie LeGrande

Leslie DeGrande is a yoga teacher who is pursing an international certification in yoga therapy through Functional Synergy in Canada. After applying therapeutic and biomechanical principles to her own practice, she found a new level of enjoyment of asana, higher quality of breath, and a more sustainable yoga practice. Feeling the shift in her own body was so satisfying that she realized she must learn how to bring that same experience to others. She believes that yoga can be an amazing tool when applied intelligently.

Wanna meet Leslie? Then join the free info session “ Intro to Yoga Therapy” on October 21 from 1-2pm.