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Chakra Flow | 4-teilige Workshopserie mit Andrea S.

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Chakra Flow
4-teilige Workshopserie mit Andrea S.

Termine: 23.11. | 30.11. | 7.12. | 14.12.
von 15:30-17:00 Uhr

Kosten: 100 Euro für alle 4 Einheiten

From the bottom to the top our life is influenced by 7 different chakras.

They are the major psycho-spiritual-energetic centers of our body and are part of a much higher energy system than the physical body.

It is been said that the awakening of the chakras depend on an opening of a higher source of energy than the physical body can provide. It takes a concentrated quality level of awareness. 

In these 4 sessions we’re activating the chakras. We move through poses that help align each individual chakra, moving up the spine from the root (Muladhara) chakra to the crown (Sahasrara) chakra.

First session: 1 CHAKRA – Stilness & Belonging: Poses to ground and address the issues that arise in the root chakra, which is associated with the element earth and feelings of stability, security & belonging. 2 CHAKRA -  Playfulness & Delight: Center of pleasure, playfulness & creativity. Along with repetitive, multi-joint movements, the second chapter of this class is be playful, fluid and rhythmic.

Second session: 3 CHAKRA -  Courage & Strength: The solar plexus chakra, is the center of your personal power, confidence, willpower and discipline embodied in strong, powerful standing poses. 4 CHAKRA: Expansiveness & Heart: Associated with the element air and feelings of openness, compassion, love and joy. Heart-opening poses are combined with balancing poses which express the air element, lightness of being and expansiveness.

Third session: 5 CHAKRA - Surrendering to the Truth: The heart chakra is the center of vibration and sound, governing our ability to express what’s in our hearts as well as give our word to something. In backbends, the throat chakra is completely exposed and there’s a certain amount of vulnerability. 6 CHAKRA - Reflecting on the Truth: The third eye is the center of awareness, intuition, and wisdom as the reflecting chapter of the session.

Fourth session: 7 CHAKRA: Becoming the Truth: Boundaries dissolve and you get to experience a truer state of being. The crown chakra represents our ability to connect spiritually, experiencing higher planes of consciousness and deep connection with ourselves.

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Earlier Event: November 17
Later Event: November 23