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Cacao Ceremony & Shakti Flow

Shakti Flow März-2.jpg

am SA 28. April von 13:00-16:30 Uhr

Awaken your Inner Light and dive deep into your feminine goddess.

In this three and a half hour workshop we will open the sacred space with sharing  the holy medicine cacao.

Cacao has the potential to open your heart. We will set intentions for healing and letting go of the heaviness of daily life-creating space.

Right bevor spring equinox is this the right timing for letting go and filling the body with love and light through cacao, a playful Shakti flow asana practice and meditations.

Weaving asanas and breath into an divine dance is what we call a Shakti flow, letting go of the mind, becoming only the breath and the shapes of your holy temple-the body.

Meditating light though the energy wheels of your body and using the new lightness to fly high in your meditation.

Carina has over 500 hours training with schools in India and Bali. Her yoga-journey brought here almost around the globe in the last seven years. Her teachings are a immersion of traditions and styles she learned in this years of spiritual growth. Currently she calls Ubud in Bali her home.