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Sound Bath

Sound Bath
with Animea (Zaza & Andrej )
von 19:30-20:30 Uhr

Kosten:  20 Euro

Beschränkte TeilnehmerInnenzahl - bitte hier anmelden.

What is a Sound Bath?
Its deep sound immersion for deep body-mind relaxation. Animea creates an ocean of vibrations with plenty of miscellaneous instruments of the world, sounds of nature and voices of the spheres.

Diving into specific sounds will open the space for releasing tensions and connecting to ourselves.

Recommended body position for the Sound Bath is laying down ( yoga mattresses and blankets will be provided). It is also possible to sit, if you have such personal preference. meditation pillows at disposal.

Ayaji: tibetan singing bowls, gongs, shakers and drums
Zaza Pastirik: vocals and voice improvisation,  wind instruments.

Ayaji is self-taught musician inspired by yogic, tibetan and shamanic practice, bringing its vibes into sound journeys.

Zaza has been influenced and inspired by Eastern traditions, having traveled and lived in Middle East, having grown up in Slovakia. She connects mainly to Slavic and Jewish musical roots.

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