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CACAO GUARDIAN | Sacred Initiation & Ceremony Training

Sacred Initiation & Ceremony Training 

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Cacao Mama Earth School
VIENNA · Re:treat Vienna
16th-19th May 2019
10 am - 5 pm

In English

Cacao Guardian is a dedication to the wisdom of master & teacher plants and an invitation from Mama Cacao. This 4-day initiation & learning ritual is intended to empower you in your essence as a lightworker, healer, yogi or bodyworker via a sacred initiation, tools, and Cacao alchemy, to enter the consciousness of Cacao and enable you to hold a sacred cacao ceremony for yourself and in your own community. This training acts like a concentrated offering, touching you at the core and unfolding in gentle, yet powerful waves into your reality.

Cacao Ceremony

This training is for you if you would like to

  • understand the teachings of master & teacher plants

  • learn how Cacao works on the physical, spiritual and emotional body

  • receive sacred tools for your rituals, meditations and ceremonies that enhance your work

  • learn how to create a sacred protected space & a loving, transformative and well grounded Cacao experience for yourself and others

  • learn how Cacao cooperates with other disciplines such as massage, breath work, yoga or dance

  • expand your skills in your work as a weaver, healer, yogi, teacher, facilitator & healing artist

  • receive a sacred initiation with the plant spirit Cacao

  • deepen your relationship with Cacao

  • offer Cacao in a ceremonial setting

  • become a Guardian of Cacao

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