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Movement Impro Workshop mit Stefanie S.

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Movement Impro Workshop mit Stefanie S.

auf Englisch

Samstag, 18.Mai, 18:00-20:30 Uhr

Preis: 30 Euro

'To improvise is to participate in the creative process and bring form to the impulses of the body and spirit.'  (Lynne Anne Blom & L. Tarin Chaplin) 

Often there is not enough space in a movement class to truly feel our way into our bodies, to express what is going on inside. We end up copying shapes and trying to fit into a form, instead of enjoying what our body is already capable of and engaging with it in a playful way. 

Improvisation is a powerful tool to get out of the everyday self and into self-in-movement, the deeper self that is often suppressed or unknown.  It creates the possibility to enter your creative consciousness. It creates a space for self expression and at the same time reflects back to you how you relate to your body and how you perceive yourself as part of a group or in connection with another person. 

We will start with exercises that allow us to open our senses to the present moment, slowly unfolding from the ground to standing through guided movement explorations. We will proceed to work in pairs or in small groups, responding to specific movement tasks, sometimes doing and sometimes observing. We will also take some time for reflection at the end to learn from each other's experiences. 

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