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Special Guest: Jason Siff | Meditation & Vortrag: Tranquility and Insight Meditation

Tranquility and Insight Meditation

with Jason Siff
Dana/ Donation: 20-35 Euro 

Being kind and gentle to yourself in meditation will lead to tranquility and insight. This two-hour workshop will be an opportunity for you to learn how to meditate in an open, receptive, and friendly manner. It is suitable for beginning meditators, people who have tried various forms of meditation, and those who have been meditating for many years.

You can meditate sitting cross-legged, on a meditation bench, in a chair, or lying down. The two meditation periods will each be 20 minutes long. You will receive instruction on journaling your meditative experiences and you will be able to ask questions of the teacher. 

Jason Siff was a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka in the late 1980s, where he initially trained as a meditation teacher and discovered the approach to meditation, which he has developed and taught for 3 decades, called “Recollective Awareness Meditation.” His books include, “Unlearning Meditation” and “Thoughts Are Not the Enemy,” both published by Shambhala Publications and translated into German (available from Arbor Verlag). He will be teaching a retreat at Buddhistisches Zentrum Scheibbs (Austria) from September 18 to 22, 2019.

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