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Chakra Meditation Workshop


Chakra Meditation Workshop

mit Andrea Schauer

ab 18. September jeden 2. Mittwoch von 19:30 - 21:00 Uhr

Costs: all 4 Sessions for 100 Euro incl. handout

Guided Meditations to align the chakras, support your inner wisdom and heal the soul.

Explore and experience a unique journey through your 7 chakras. The chakras, according to the ancient yogic texts, are vibrating energetic centers that exist in each of us. The balance of these energy centers is essential to our health, relationships and spiritual fulfillment.

1 Session: 18. September
Chakra 1 Roots:
Manifest a more grounded and peaceful life.
Chakra 2 Sacral: Discover the creative exploration of your life and relationships

2. Session: 2. Oktober
Chakra 3 Solar Plexus: Blossom your self-esteem
Chakra 4 Heart: Assist yourself in receiving and giving love.

3. Session: 16. Oktober
Chakra 4 Throat: Inspire fluid communication
Chakra 6 Third-Eye: Tap directly into your natural intuitive abilities.

4: Session: 30. Oktober
Chakra 7 Crown: Find a clearer life purpose.

Language: English, Handout inclusive

What you will learn in this workshop:

• Understanding and power of the 7 Chakras - the colors, mantras and physical location of each chakra

• Experience and heal each chakras through guided meditations, visualization, affirmations & breath work

• Diagnose your chakra imbalances and work toward healing them through tapping into your intuition and experiencing your own personal power.

No prior knowledge and meditation experience is necessary - you will learn everything in the course. A handout will help you to follow up.