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50HR Mindfulness Meditation Training

Photo by  Lesly Juarez  on  Unsplash

50HR Mindfulness Meditation Training
August 27th - September 1 2019, 9:00am - 6:00pm
with Punnu Singh Wasu

It is with great pleasure that Punnu offers the most comprehensive 50hr meditation training available. Punnu is excited to teach a very high-quality course and share his knowledge and experience of more than 31 years, which has wide application and maintains both psychological and spiritual depth.

You will deepen your personal meditation practice and receive many ancient and powerful tools to apply to your personal life.

This training is for anyone who is interested in getting a regular meditation practice and going deeper in their personal practice and understanding. Furthermore, it is also for yoga teachers seeking a way to integrate meditation into their classes to enhance the overall depth and benefits of the yoga asanas for their students.

The workshop is open for everyone. No meditation experience is required.

Punnu teaches in English. There will be enough time for questions & answers as well as for explanation/short translation in German if requested. 

Please bring comfortable clothes, a pen and notebook. 

For more information about Punnu check out his website


Punnu Singh Wasu
was born and raised in Hyderabad, India into a family that has a true love for kirtan and spirituality. From early age he was interested in learning and practicing meditation. He has studied in different ashrams and meditation schools from which some are Osho commune, Gandhi Gyan Mandir, Art of living, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, Amma Amritanandamayi, Oneness University, Vipassana, Transcendental meditation and many more all over India, Philippines and Indonesia. Punnu teaches regular meditation classes several times a week at his workplace The Yoga Barn in Bali, and offers 2-day Meditation Workshops as well as 100hr & 200hr Meditation Teacher Trainings on a regular basis.


50hr training: EUR 750.—, Early bird: EUR 690.— (Registration & Payment by May 31, 2019)

Weekend (Aug 31 - Sep 1): EUR 250.—, Early bird: EUR 230.— (Registration & Payment by May 31, 2019)

The price includes the training with a certificate. Food and accommodation are not included in the price.


There are many options for all budget nearby the studio. A few we can recommend:

HOTEL AM BRILLANTENGRUND - close to the studio, very charming with very good food.

MOTEL ONE WESTBAHNHOF  - 10 min walk from the studio



AIRBNB - choose the 6th or 7th district, if you want to be close to the studio or the 15th or 16th, if you are looking for a cheaper option and don’t mind a longer walk. You can also let us know, if you want to share an accommodation with other participants. We can put you in touch.


Grow and deepen your spiritual path

Gain clarity in life

Improved concentration and increased awareness

Studying ancient and very powerful mantras

Receive professional mentoring and assistance throughout the course


Its roots, its theory, its aim, and goals

Preparatory practices for meditation

Difficulties faced during meditation and how to overcome them

Different types of meditation practices and their applications

The scientifically proven physiological and psychological benefits of a regular meditation practice

How meditation trains your attention

Human Life: Meaning and aim of life

The mind and the body connection and creative well-being

Our conscious and subconscious mind

Stress and its effects on the mind and body

Creating a personal practice and nourishing daily routine

Mantras (proper pronunciation, understanding their meanings and chanting)

Mudras (hand gestures)

Explore the nature and infinite power of consciousness

Understand the healing qualities of sound

Break down emotional and mental blockages

Create an optimal daily routine

Expand your knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita/ Shri Guru Granth Sahib & other ancient Scriptures


Relaxation meditation

Dynamic meditation

Concentration meditation

Awareness meditation

Chakra balancing meditation

Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep)

Mantra meditation

Silent sitting meditation

Mindfulness meditation

Gratitude meditation

Mindful Eating meditation

Pranayama (Breathing technics)


More peace, clarity of mind and lightness of being

Transformational experience

Breakthroughs in your own inner growth and evolution

Deepen your practice and take it to the next level

Powerful, lasting effect on health and well-being

A senior meditation teacher who has experience & knowledge of more than 31 years

Exceptional support and holding space by German speaking assistant

An emphasis on some of the more Eastern practices (Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Mantras etc.)

Time Schedule:

9:00 AM Meditation, Silence, Gratitude, Mantra

9:30 AM Yoga (Meditation by soft body movement)

10:30 AM Meditation & Pranayama (breathing technics)

12:30 PM Lunch (mindful eating meditation)

2:00 PM Philosophy, Theory, History, Practicum, different Teachings etc.

3:30 PM Meditation

5:00 PM Yoga Nidra, Chanting Mantras (learning ancient & powerful mantras - chanting, meaning, proper pronunciation etc.)

6:00 PM Closing time

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